#WhoIFollow: Germany’s @theghostonmyback

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite person to follow. For more photos and videos from Lena and her favorites, follow @theghostonmyback, @nourishandevolve, @_amyglen, @psithurisma and @dltvo on Instagram.

When Lena (@theghostonmyback) moved away from home in Bavaria, Germany, to study, she was determined to also move on from her “frozen pizza” approach to cooking. As she started to cook for herself, she found inspiration in food blogs and “calling mum nearly every day to get some advice.” She also began to post photos of her eating exploits to Instagram, partly just to show her mum she wasn’t starving. She soon discovered a flourishing community of food photographers to keep her passion nourished.

"I was absolutely delighted and even more motivated to improve myself, try out new things and to find my own style," Lena explains. "I learned so many things, from new ingredients and dishes through to different ways of preparation—Instagram is a foodie’s paradise."

Lena’s photos keep food as the focus and have a minimalist approach showcasing an impressive array of tableware and spoons. All her recipes are her own ideas.

Two of Lena’s recommended Instagrammers to follow for a healthy start to 2014 include Melbourne Instagrammers Tina (@nourishandevolve) and Amy Glenister (@_amyglen).

"I love their way of cooking, which spices and ingredients they use and how they take and edit their pictures. It’s so inspiring! It seems like they love what they do. I’m not really into Instagrammers who talk about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food (or worse: ‘cheat meals’) and follow rigorous diets, forgetting about what it really means to nourish your body (and soul). I want passion, not constraints."

She also adds her boyfriend (@psithurisma) and vegan enthusiast Diem Ly (@dltvo) to the list of her favorites and says she’s “grateful Instagram provides an opportunity to connect with all of them no matter where they are from.”

She adds, “I hope that my snapshots encourage my followers to experiment around with food, to have fun in the kitchen and to try something new from time to time. I want to share what I love and represent a way of cooking that combines passion and enjoyment with responsibility for yourself and the world around you.”

Yum! Having such a hard time not running to the fridge as I speak!

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